A new generation of permanent hair colour with vitamin C, specifically formulated to provide drastic, brilliant and long-lasting reflects. It protects skin and hair, giving you more than 50% of combing as well. Have your wellness experience with Your Colour, formulated as a soft cream with micro pigments and anti-aging effect.

We have created a careful selection of 55 shades, for endless brilliant and long-lasting colours. It is a technical innovation ppd-free that’s why it is delicate on the hair. The hair structure is  protected and reinforced thanks to the Organic Oil, which gives hair greater compactness and tensive strength. This means greater softness and smoothness at touch and better hold of colour in time.

It excellently covers grey hair

Bleaching power up 4 tones

It gently modifies the hair structure

It provides a tint and cosmetic

Anti-Aging action


If it is the first colour application ever, a patch test must be done before starting.

Apply Your Colour to dry hair with 30/40 volume oxydant DreamOn to length and ends but not to roots. Leave it in for 25 minutes.

Without rinsing, apply Your Colour with 20 volume oxydant DremaOn to roots, but not to length and ends. Leave it in for 30 minutes, or 40 if you are using ultra-bleach. Mix with some water, then rinse with abundant water. Wash hair with My Colour Shampoo, then use My Colour Conditioner from Hair care line dreamOn.


Apply Your Colour to dry hair, only to roots, but not to length and ends, leave it in for 25 minutes. After 25 minutes, apply Your Colour to length and ends and leave it in for 5 minutes. Total time to leave it in is 30 minutes for all colours except the series Special Blonde (45 minutes). Mix with some water, then rinse with abundant water and wash hair with My Colour Shampoo, then use My Colour Conditioner from Hair care line dreamOn.

PREPARATION / The mixing ratio for all shades is 1:1.5 (dreamOn Emulsion Oxidant).  Mix carefully in a non-metal bowl or in a shaker. 1 : 1,5 (DREAMON OXYDANT).


The colouring cream Your Colour is a compact and soft cream which can be easily squeezed out of its tube. When in contact with its oxidant emulsion, it turns into cream. This makes it easier for it to release the colouring and conditioning substances inside the hair. It can be mixed in a plastic bowl or with a shaker. You must mix carefully until you get an homogeneous cream.  It is better to use an electronic scale to make sure you use the right dose and the right mixing. This allows you to repeat it and colour your clients’ hair in the same way.

If the hair is hard and thick, with lots of gel, mouse or hairspray, it can be pre-washed without rubbing the scalp. With a dry towel or napkin remove exceeding water, then apply Your Colour.



Lightening Power

Your Colour works with oxidant creams with different volumes, depending on the lightening effect you want.

The composition of colouring creams is already activate with low volumes.  The 10 volume oxidant emulsion (3%) is the best if you want to have an high sedimentation, avoid too much lightening and have a darker shade. Usually, the colouring cream is activated by 20 / 30 / 40 volume oxidants (6% - 9% - 12%).

With these three oxidants you work with a traditional oxidation and you lighten natural hair up to 4 tones.

Colouring cream can lighten hair very easily, even if it is little ammonia. The balanced concentration – depending on tone height – keeps the emulsion PH low (from PH 8 to PH 10) and helps the oxydant to lighten hair more quickly.

It is important to start applying immediately after mixing, so that you can have a better penetration of colour and a more effective covering of white hair. As a matter of fact, after about 20 minutes, the colouring has grown and cannot go deep into the cortex. Apply to dry and unwashed hair and make sure you protect the scalp, if necessary with scalp balm. Pay attention to the time you have to leave it in, according to what you decide during the consultation.

The application is faster, precise and cheap, thanks to the special composition of the cream, which makes it stick to the cuticle and lets the brush slip on the length.

You can use the mixture effectively.

Why YourColour is PPD-free:

The PPD (parafenilendiammina) is a very harmful chemical substance for the health, It pertains to the Aromatic Amines family. Aniline, also known as Katranov paint, is present in photographic developers, gas and petrol. There are many clinical cases of allergic reaction to this chemical substance (Allergic Contact Dermatitis) due to an inhaling or contact overexposure. Among these many clinical cases of pharyngitis, laryngitis, bronchial asthma and allergic dermatitis. The WOH (World Health Organization) recommended to avoid inhaling and contact with skin.

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